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"Cheerful Conversation"
Nenet children on the Tazovsky Peninsula of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia

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From babies to Lauryn Hill to the amazing world of Gumball

Sports used to be my outlet for stress. Now, I stay in all day and binge on television series or films. But when I’m stressed out AND hormonal, it gets more outrageous—as clearly demonstrated in this blog. Regardless, I have no plans of concealing or suppressing “feelings”.

Frenzied and effortlessly, I switched from period pieces to reggae to adorable baby videos—not sure if all that zapping is normal. Now I’m catching up with Reid, Finch and Bear, and the Winchesters.

Ay, I need an intervention or a distraction from these distractions. Until then, I’m looking out for Awake, Friday Night Dinner, Orphan Black, and Warehouse 13.

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I make me own lunch

Laughter is My Exit

"out of breath"

"out of breath"

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…doing some stretching because it helps me keep my brain limber…

I taste molecules